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-**skypeernet** is a p2p network. ​\\ \\ +**[[https://​​farb3yonddriv3n/​skypeernet|skypeernet]]** is a p2p network. ​It supports ​files transfer ​and TCP tunneling.
-Every peer maintains his own blockchain of transactions - shared ​files. \\ +
-Blocks are exchanged among peers and validated. \\ +
-Peer can expand his block with a new or existing transaction (file). \\ +
-When a peer wishes to download a new file from remote block, all available blocks containing such file are considered. \\ +
-Peer identifies himself using his RSA public key. \\ +
-All files are encrypted, peer's private RSA key is used to decrypt them. Peer doesn'​t have to be able to decrypt transaction files in order for him to share them. Peer can import RSA keys.+
 +  * [[install|Building and setup]]
 +  * [[tcptunneling|TCP tunneling]]
 +  * [[filetransfer|File transfer]]
   * [[commands|Commands]]   * [[commands|Commands]]
   * [[blockchain|Blockchain]]   * [[blockchain|Blockchain]]
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   * [[plugins|Plugins]]   * [[plugins|Plugins]]
   * [[tools|Tools]]   * [[tools|Tools]]
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