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List of various examples.

Share a new file

  1. Copy your file file.txt to directory specified in your configuration file.
  2. Invoke transaction_add command as ta file.txt.
  3. Check presence of recently added transactions with transactions_list command as tl.
  4. When all transactions are added, start mining a block with bm command. This appends block to your local blockchain.
  5. Advertise your new block with blocks action command ba a.

Download a file

  • List available files with lf r.
Root pubkeyhash: 114b48af17746fba6e2f996f97c0d72656eacf72300788d41fd5cf529b0ffd74
 |                                                         Filecode |        Size | Dec | Fin | Filename | 
 | 234bb63c83f40c00052c3eb5a5dbb818a221d91fc01fa94a0877bb2f724d13bd |      1024kB |  No |  No |  |
 | e8d690d9ebf229740d2bebab36c47d36538402d307750de51fff8506a4acbc42 |      1024kB |  No |  No |  |
  • Create new job with ja filecode.
ja e8d690d9ebf229740d2bebab36c47d36538402d307750de51fff8506a4acbc42
  • Show current jobs with js.
  • If you posses a private key necessary to decrypt a downloaded file, finalize it with jf filecode. If finalized successfully, file is stored to directory.
jf e8d690d9ebf229740d2bebab36c47d36538402d307750de51fff8506a4acbc42

Share an existing file

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